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Francis González



Francis González, a multifaceted talent from Fajardo, Puerto Rico, seamlessly embodying the roles of actor, producer, brand ambassador, runway model, and visual artist. His journey in the spotlight began early, earning him the Jerry Lewis Impersonator Award during his formative years at elementary school.


Fueled by a profound passion for artistic expression, Francis delved into various creative pursuits, ranging from painting, and sculpting to contributing to school plays, carnival floats, restorations, and religious art. This early exposure laid the groundwork for a journey that transcended not only the arts but also ventured into the realms of science and philanthropy.


Initially enrolling at the University of Puerto Rico to pursue Microbiology, Francis's academic trajectory took an unexpected turn when a pageant owner discovered his magnetic presence. Crowned as Mister Puerto Rico Model 2005, he made history as the first Puerto Rican to clinch the international title at the prestigious Mr. Mundial pageant in Arequipa, Peru.


While in Puerto Rico, Francis graced the runways for distinguished designers like Joseph Da'Ponte-President of the Puerto Rian Fashion History Counsel, Carlos Casanova-Project Runway alumni, David Antonio, Jose Raul, Eddy Guerrero, and Luis Antonio, securing a coveted spot in the local fashion scene.


Expanding his influence internationally, Francis traveled to Guatemala and other Latin American countries, sharing his expertise by training models for top agencies. This commitment not only showcased his passion for the industry but also underscored his dedication to uplifting the next generation of professionals.


Venturing beyond Latin America, Francis was selected to be part of the Top Latinos Spain Tour by Yama Productions. The tour around Spain showcased the world’s most attractive men, solidifying his international appeal and paving the way to a world in front of the camera.


Transitioning seamlessly from modeling to acting and leaving an indelible mark on the commercial landscape serving as the face and talent for renowned brands such as Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Burger King, Cerveza Corona, Budweiser, Geico, US bank among many other, Francis finally caught “the acting bug”. Cast as Alejandro on Telemundo's Teen Soap, Zona Y, Francis captivated audiences and set him on a path to a future in Hollywood.


Arriving in the star-studded shores of Los Angeles in 2011 Francis got straight to work, producing, acting and production designing his own films. Leaving his mark in local and international film festivals and winning awards such as “Best Actor in a Comedy” and “Best Comedy” in Official Latino Film Festival for his production work and lead role in the short, This May Take A While.


Furthering his acting journey with guest-starring roles on popular shows like NCIS, Modern Family and Family Time while sharing the screen with luminaries like Sofía Vergara, Mark Harman, Ed O’Neill, Wilmer Valderrama, and Stephanie Beatris and having a notable lead role in Syfy's original movie, DAM SHARKS! Francis finalized his transition from the runway to the screen, showcasing his versatility and compelling performances.


Lending his artistic prowess with a supporting role in the film, God Save The Queens, a movie that was featured at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival and OutFest in 2022 Francis demonstrated his ability to bring depth and nuance to his characters. His presence in this acclaimed film not only solidified his standing in the entertainment industry but also garnered praise for his contribution to projects that push boundaries and resonate with diverse audiences.


His commitment extended beyond the spotlight, passionately advocating for causes close to his heart. Aligned with organizations like the OrangUtan Republik Foundation, Muscular Dystrophy Association, and Teleton Guatemala, Francis left a meaningful impact through his philanthropic endeavors.


Currently calling Los Angeles home, Francis González continues to captivate audiences with his diverse talents, leaving an indelible mark in both the entertainment world and the realm of social causes. His journey, a testament to the power of passion and versatility, serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists, models, and advocates worldwide. With his boundless potential and unwavering dedication, there's no doubt that Francis has a truly luminous future ahead of him.

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